How to Network Unlock a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone!

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T-Mobile,Samsung Galaxy A10 SIM MetroPCS Unlock

T-Mobile and MetroPCS have quite a slightly different way of unlocking the SIM on the device. Unlike many other providers that are more than willing to let you contact them to unlock the SIM,both companies use the SIM unlocking app you’ll need to use. This can be seen as somewhat more efficient and can be done whenever you choose.

If you have attempted to obtain a SIM unlock via the app but have been refused,there are ways to do it by using

Open the Phone app and call * # 06 # to get the IMEI number of the deviceWrite down the IMEInumberUse the T-Mobile Device Unlock or the MetroPCS Device Unlock option on your smartphone.Enter the IMEI number of your phone and finish the checkouts.You will have to wait somewhat,but you will receive an email verifying that your phone has been fully unlocked.Insert a SIM non-T-Mobile or MetroPCS cardOpen the Device Unlock app and choose “Permanent Unlock”If successful,you should see a message stating,”Unlock Approved: Mobile device is permanently unlocked”Once you’ve completed all of the above steps,your Samsung Galaxy A10 should be unlocked now,and you won’t have a problem swapping between sim cards,like when you’re traveling abroad and need to use a local SIM on your phone.If the above method fails,you can try the alternative service found here:

Note that this does not exempt you from your contract with your provider,and you will still have to make payments to your carrier,but at the very least,it gives you some independence.

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